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Office 365 Provided by Managed Networks

Familiarity Augmented: Our Office 365 Solution

You may be familiar with Office 365 but succesful IT throughout your business takes more than just great software. Your perfect solution requires the a special recipe of connectivity, storage and support as well as network, service and service provider integration.

Standard Office 365 gives you the software but little if anything else. Our Office 365 ensures that you have everything that you need and offloads the problems with managing them out of your hands and into ours.

Office365 by Managed Networks is different - you get everything you need.

Our Office365 product includes:

  • UK service desk
  • Mix and Match service, hardware and asset management, connectivity and more
  • Mobile device management
  • Maintenance of end-user devices and LAN
  • Content sharing
  • Multi-vendor integration
  • Security and compliance management and data protection
  • User training
  • Flat rate, per user pricing with clear ROI

We can add hosted telephony to your service and other Microsoft products such as Project, Visio, Access and SQL Server.

…all this in one clear monthly fee. Our Microsoft Office 365 is the clear cut business IT solution for you.

OK so you could get Office 365 yourself. You could put all of the other pieces together yourself.. Why choose us?

Office 365 Provided by Managed Networkstechnology. Our Support

The important thing about Office 365 Provided by Managed NetworksLive is that we guarantee it to work – With 365 days a year integrated support, easy installation and continued updates, The Managed Networks Office 365 Package is the all-round solution for your IT needs. Whatever situation may arise, we gaurantee your business will continue as usual.

For example:

  • If you can't get enough bandwidth we'll put a server on-site to give you the benefits of cloud without compromising local performance. At no extra charge.
  • If you move office, or open a new office, we'll move with you. At no extra charge.
  • If a user needs to switch from a PC to a laptop, or from a tablet to a PC, we'll change their hardware. At no extra charge.

Our service is there for your business 24 x 7 x 365.

Office 365 Provided by Managed Networks is about service

We all know that you could buy Office 365 yourself, but how do you manage that for your business now and in the future. Our technologies and experience does that for you and we're proud of that. We'll ensure that your IT requirements are continually met as your business grows and evolves and your plans change.

Everyone has faced the problems that arise when not understanding the software you need to do your job as well as issues with the hardware, connectivity and infrastructure. With our Office 365 Service you're not just buying software and and hardware, you're buying peace of mind in ensured compatibility, end to end connectivity and first-class support.

We make IT work for your business making it seamless and reliable day in, day out. Our levels of service, support and training mean that in the rare case that someone is left scratching their head or problems arise, they can get straight through to an engineer who'll help them. Our trained engineers resolve the problem, not the technology issue and speak plain English at the same time. Our main service desk is based in London under the inescapable gaze of our CEO! All of our service desk engineers are in the UK.

Office 365 Provided by Managed Networks Live is flexible

Our full Office 365 product includes everything you need, but we know that your business is unique. We'll integrate our services with your existing equipment and with services from other providers as required. Wework with everyone to make sure you get the results you need. We can combine elements of Office 365 with our on-premises support, and combine full-service users with those using some elements.

We work with lots of third parties ensuring that your "business crucial" software integrates with products they are familiar with. We are happy to host all of this meaning that you only have a single point of contact or integrate into another suppliers system.

Managed Networks Office365 solution is accessible anywhere you have an internet connection and our technology lets laptop and tablet users work uninterrupted even when disconnected. This is important as we have customers with offices all around the globe and employees that travel across the world.

Office 365 is affordable

You only pay a single, clear, monthly fee. You only pay for the users you have, and only for the services they use. As you grow, the service grows with you. If you scale down, you see the savings immediately. No capex, no unexpected bills, no obsolescence, no wasted cost.

And if you're worried that you've just invested in your own IT equipment, don't be – if it's less than three years old and in good condition, we'll buy it from you.

Office 365 Provided by Managed Networks is guaranteed

Managed Networks is a full service cloud provider – we take ownership and operate the whole Office 365 solution so you can be confident you always know where your data is and who has access to it. We back our promises with a comprehensive availability guarantee and our first-class customer service.

Whether you need to work on the move, link multiple offices together, allow staff to work from home, protect your business against IT risk,reduce your carbon footprint or improve your IT without expensive up-front costs, Office 365 Provided by Managed Networks is the answer.

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