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How Support works

Support, a critical part of the solution

Prevention is better than cure. Our support service is designed to keep your systems working, not profit from fixing them when they fail. Our guarantee and our fixed pricing help you get the benefits of IT that consistently delivers for your business.

Proactive maintenance

Keeping the lights on means maintaining systems at peak performance, not waiting for problems to manifest themselves. Like many providers, we monitor your systems from our control centre to make sure we spot the early indicators of trouble and deal with them before they affect you. We keep an eye on trends, too, to make sure you know well in advance if you need to upgrade your systems.

More importantly, though, we go beyond remote monitoring. Our service includes a regular site visit from a fully-qualified technician. Our people know systems, but they also know our customers, and on a site visit they combine an exhaustive check-list and effective routine maintenance with plenty of interaction with your staff. This helps you make sure your people are getting the most out of your systems.

Supporting people, not just computers

Ultimately your IT systems exist to deliver a capability to your staff. It's the staff – and what they can do using the systems – that actually create value for your business. So we don't just stay in the back room fiddling with kit; we engage with your people to help them understand and exploit the IT capabilities you give them.

We don't just do this on the site visit: our service desk deals with far more than just break/fix. We also handle administration, changes, liaison with third parties and – most importantly – advice and help with using your systems. Because we really focus on understanding the sectors where we work, we understand what your users need to be able to do their jobs. To make sure you get the full benefit, use of our service desk is unlimited.

Delivering certainty

We stand behind our promises, so much so that we have a unique guarantee. If you have a business-critical issue that we could have prevented, we’ll have someone on-site to resolve it within four working hours at no extra charge to you.

We also believe in transparency, so our costs are fixed. This keeps our interests aligned with yours, because we don’t get paid anything extra if things go wrong.

Additional Options

Alongside our proactive IT support service we offer a range of complementary services, including:

  • Extended support hours.
  • 24/7/365 critical incident support
  • Out of hours patching – so you don't experience any downtime during office hours
  • Out of hours remote monitoring
  • Firewall monitoring and maintenance
  • ...and, of course, all of our cloud, hosting, telephony and project services

We offer a range of different support options to suit a variety of business sizes and requirements. These can range from having a qualified engineer onsite once every other month to full-time onsite first-line support backed up by regular senior engineering visits.

Like to know more? Here are some case studies from our proactive support customers, or if you’d like to talk to a human being, click here for a call back.