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How IT works

Delivering a solution: mapping the customer

There's not really any such thing as a typical Managed Networks customer, but there are some common issues our customers face. We've designed our services to help you solve these problems and simplify the complicated IT jigsaw. Many of our customers come to us because they feel they've outgrown their existing support provider, their existing systems, or both.

Complex demands

As your business grows, your IT requirements grow too. Most importantly, they become ever more complex. Multiple devices, working from home, working from the road, integrating workflow across multiple systems, managing security and resilience – all of this takes time and effort. Often you're facing a requirement you've not dealt with before – and perhaps one your IT providers haven't seen either – so as well as time and cost you have the risk of the unknown.

We continuously develop our DesktopLive platform in response the needs of our wide client-base and as part of our ongoing R&D. You can benefit from our experience and competence to get the capabilities you need without the trial and error.

Complicated jigsaw

If you've been around for a while, and spent some of that time trying to meet the complex demands of your business and its users, the likelihood is that your current IT solution is a complicated jigsaw of systems, providers and knowledge bases. Some of it's only in the heads of key people; some of it's legacy and needs special handling; all of it stays working only because you and your IT staff keep putting in the extra hours.

We offer simplicity. A core platform that delivers your key IT requirements as a guaranteed outcome. Hosting and integration of your line-of-business applications, including legacy platforms. A one-stop service desk including liaison with third parties and issue management. Comprehensive resilience provision, and complete documentation and performance reporting.

Multiple sites

It all seems pretty straightforward when you're all in one place, doesn't it? Add another office or two and suddenly you've got all sorts of extra complications. There's always one office that feels it's a second-class citizen; there's always one application you just can't get working for everyone. Getting multiple sites to work well together is one of the main reasons our customers come to us. We've been doing it since we started, and as a multi-site business ourselves we are our own test-bed, so you know you're getting a proven solution.

Scale and expansion

Growing pains affect us all; in IT they can be particularly troublesome. Too many IT systems have arbitrary limits; too many companies have to replace kit long before it wears out because they've outgrown it. Planning for growth is tough: go too large and you've overspent; be too conservative and you face step-changes in cost when you least need them.

Our customers come in all shapes and sizes, but most have – or plan to have – 100 or more users and more than one location. DesktopLive gives you completely predictable cost per user and scales alongside your organisation without fuss, pain or wasted effort.

Infrastructure renewal

Perhaps – for all sorts of good reasons – you've reached a point where your whole infrastructure needs renewal. You're facing a big investment, and some tricky decisions. It's only once the decisions have been made and the money spent that you find out whether it was worth it. In many cases it's only then that you find out how much it really costs to do.

DesktopLive is a real alternative. No capex, a fixed cost per user, and the chance to try before you buy. A guaranteed outcome with no nasty surprises all the way from the desktop to the datacentre.

Recruit and retain

We call him Bob. He's your go-to guy, the in-house IT manager who's still hands-on, he's available 24/7, never goes on holiday without his phone and trusty laptop, and all the details of your systems are safe in his head. Trouble is, there's never quite enough Bob to go round. He can't be working on the strategy for the next five years if he's fixing the five-year-old printers, and he can't take the call from Alice in accounts while he's talking to Charlie in sales.

So you can hire some help for Bob, then try to train and retain that help – knowing it's a short-term thing because, after all, Bob's not going anywhere – or you can do something different. Pass the responsibility for delivering IT to us, and let Bob focus on managing IT, not doing it.

Regulation and compliance

These days, everybody's regulated. But some businesses are more regulated than others. We do a lot of work in financial services, so we've learned a lot about regulation. We even wrote the book – well, a book – on MiFID. We know about the PRA complex IT form, about Sarbox and SAS70, about PCI-DSS and the rest of the alphabet soup.

We designed DesktopLive to deliver peace of mind for regulated firms, with security and auditing designed in from the outset. Even if you're only worried about the Companies Act, the Employment Act and the Disability Discrimination Act – and if you're not, you should be – our outcome-based solution includes key IT compliance requirements, and our built-in resilience is just as effective at satisfying demanding supply chains as it is at keeping regulators happy. To say nothing of letting your shareholders rest easy at night.