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Desktop Live

Capability delivered: DesktopLive

IT is about giving staff the capability to do their jobs. Getting this right means combining many different elements, from devices like PCs, laptops and tablets through local networks and internet connections, to servers, applications and storage. You have to choose the right hardware, software, services and service providers, get them all working together and then maintain and support it all. And every time something changes, you have to review your choices and adapt your systems to cope.

Conventional cloud offerings are just one part of the jigsaw – they include core applications, email and storage, but they don't help you with any of the other things you need – especially service and support.

DesktopLive is different - you get everything you need.

The full DesktopLive product includes:

  • Desktop PC, laptop or tablet
  • Colour printing
  • Local Area Network
  • Internet connection
  • Exchange e-mail
  • Secure, resilient file storage
  • Full remote access when you're away from your PC
  • Unlimited service desk support.
  • Full Microsoft Office suite *
  • * including Outlook, Word, Excel and Powerpoint

We can also host your other applications alongside DesktopLive, with full integration and remote access. There are options to add hosted telephony to your service and to add other Microsoft products like Project, Visio, Access and SQL Server.

So you get all that stuff. So what? You could put the jigsaw together yourself. Why choose us?

Desktop Live is more than just technology

The important thing about DesktopLive is that we guarantee your outcome – we guarantee you'll be able to work. We listen to what you need to do and then deliver it, adapting our solution to match your circumstances.

For example:

  • If you can't get enough bandwidth we'll put a server on-site to give you the benefits of cloud without compromising local performance. At no extra charge.
  • If you move office, or open a new office, we'll move with you. At no extra charge.
  • If a user needs to switch from a PC to a laptop, or from a tablet to a PC, we'll change their hardware. At no extra charge.

Whatever you need, we're there for you. 24 x 7 x 365.

Desktop Live is about service

We're proud of the technology behind DesktopLive and have lots of badges to prove our technological expertise. But technology on its own is valueless; its worth comes from the people that use it. So our focus is on supporting them.

We work hard to make the tech 'disappear', so that IT is a seamless and reliable part of the work day. We work just as hard to make sure that when something isn't right, or someone doesn't know which button to push, they can get straight through to an engineer who'll help them. We train those engineers to fix the problem, not the technology issue, and to speak plain English while they're doing it. We keep our main service desk in our London office, right outside the CEO's door, and all of our service desk engineers are in the UK.

Behind the service desk, our account managers work to make sure that we keep up with your changing needs, and that you stay informed about service performance and the user experience. Live access to the service desk system, combined with regular detailed reporting, means that even though you've outsourced your IT, you haven't lost control of it.

Desktop Live is flexible

The full DesktopLive product includes everything you need, but not everyone wants to go all the way on a first date. You can mix and match our services with your own on-premises equipment, and with services from other providers. We’ll work with everyone to make sure you still get the outcome you need. We can combine elements of DesktopLive with our on-premises support, and combine full-service users with those taking only some service elements.

We work with lots of third parties to ensure that customers’ line-of-business applications integrate with DesktopLive, whether hosted by us or by others, and can offer a single point of contact for all support, no matter if it’s for our product or someone else’s.

We have customers across the country, with offices across the world. DesktopLive is accessible anywhere you have an internet connection, and our technology lets laptop and tablet users work uninterrupted even when disconnected.

DesktopLive is affordable

With DesktopLive you get everything you need for a single fee per month. You only pay for the users you have, and only for the services they use. As you grow, the service grows with you - predictably and transparently – and  if you reduce headcount, you get the IT savings immediately. No capex, no unexpected bills, no obsolescence, no wasted cost.

And if you're worried that you've just invested in your own IT equipment, don't be – if it's less than three years old and in good condition, we'll buy it from you.

Desktop Live is guaranteed

Managed Networks is a proper cloud service provider – we’re not just badging someone else’s service. We own and operate the whole solution, so you can be confident you always know where your data is and who has access to it. We back our promises with a comprehensive availability guarantee and our world-class customer service.

Whether you need to work on the move, link multiple offices together, allow staff to work from home, protect your business against IT risk, reduce your carbon footprint or improve your IT without expensive up-front costs, DesktopLive from Managed Networks is the answer.

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