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Hosted servers and services

Hosting's pretty straightforward, really. It only makes sense if what you get from the hosting provider is better, easier – and, ideally, cheaper – than doing it yourself. Our outcome-based approach makes hosting simple, with guaranteed availability, managed performance and predictable costs.

  • Pure virtual server hosting, with or without an OS, at a specified level of performance and availability.
  • Fully-managed virtual servers, with rental licensing and proactive monitoring and maintenance.
  • Hosted services - email, file, on-line backup and many more - priced per user or by capacity.

We have a straightforward pricing structure and comprehensive management and support services. It is a highly efficient way to save yourself the cost of running racks and aircon, and the hassle of managing platforms and applications, and escape the limitations of your local bandwidth.

With our online services, it becomes easier for you to meet SLAs for your internal and external customers, and to add new levels of reliability, business continuity and service while cutting down on the cost of energy and cooling. We even take away the day in, day out burden of backups for your hardworking IT team – in fact, we will perform the server support and all the management and maintenance tasks for you, so that all you focus on is what you do best. All without the need to invest a penny of capital.

We also offer Microsoft Exchange hosted email. It may surprise you, but it's frequently cheaper to host your company's email than to run it in house. It's certainly more secure, stopping threats before they enter your own systems - and it is also quicker to add new users. You still get all of the features of Exchange, including shared calendars, public folders, tasks and shared contacts.

  • Clustering solutions
  • Virtualisation
  • Application Hosting
  • Load Balancing
  • High Bandwidth
  • Secure Hosting
  • Cloud Computing
  • PCI Compliance
  • Outsourcing services

Because we offer a full cloud service, we can support everything from desktop to datacentre. You don't need to juggle multiple providers – we can integrate your hosted applications with your desktop, deliver first-line support as well as server and application management and handle vendor liaison. You can add and remove services, servers and capacity as needed; we'll take responsibility for whatever you choose to give us, and give you easy access to anything you choose to manage yourselves.

Our hosting platform was built with security in mind – our customers face a host of regulation including PCI-DSS and MiFID – so you can streamline compliance and keep your own customers and suppliers happy while cutting costs and even reducing your carbon footprint. What's not to like?