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Communication and broadband

  • Which phone system should you buy? Will VoIP make your bills smaller? What about SIP trunks? How many extensions will you need in five years’ time? How much voicemail storage do you need?
  • What about your internet connection? Do you have enough upload bandwidth? Should you go with copper or fibre? DSL or Etherstream? Should you use MPLS to link your offices, or rely on CoS and QoS?

Decisions, decisions. But why are they your decisions? Why do IT and communications providers expect you to learn their language and take responsibility for choosing the right solution?

There's a better way: don't buy technology, buy a solution

You may not know your 802.11N from your G.726, but we're sure you know what your business needs to be able to do. We're also sure that those needs will change as you evolve and grow. Our communication services let you buy the capability you need for a single fixed price per user per month. No jargon, no capex. As your business changes, our service changes with you.

Our telephony service puts a physical phone on every desk, with a direct dial number, voicemail, calling groups and very competitive call charges. There's no limit on the number of extensions you can grow to, and a long list of extra features you can have if you need them – like cost-free inter-office calls; voicemail delivered to email; dialling from your Outlook address book; automatic diversion to mobiles. In fact, anything you can get from any other phone system, but without having to pay now for features you may never use

Our internet service gives you the performance you need for browsing, email and hosting, with proper security and resilience. Better still, our per-user pricing means you only pay for what you need, while we deal with capacity management in the background.

Services that really do grow with your business

Our DesktopLive product combines all of our services – IT, telephony, communications – into a single, simple way to get the capability your business needs. Everything works together, you pay a single fixed cost per user.

Did you know?

Telephony is a game of two halves. On the one hand, you just want a phone on your desk so you can call people. On the other hand, everybody's talking about convergence, about mobile, about video...

With DesktopLive communications you can have your cake and eat it. Guaranteed core telephony services, with a real physical phone, and the option to add all the advanced features you need, without paying for the ones you don't.