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Petro Chemical

Since April 2012 our client, a major company in the petrochemicals, speciality chemicals and oil sector, has been relying on Managed Networks for the IT and support that keeps its business moving forward.


In 2011, a restructured organisation in the petrochemicals, speciality chemicals and oil sector realised that it would need a secure and resilient network capable of scaling up and down rapidly to support its forecasted growth with minimal disruption. In addition, it would have to replace its existing Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) and associated Microsoft licensing. First to third-line support would be carried out in-house, while the chosen service provider would provide fourth-line support and escalation.


All too often, obtaining business agreement and budget sign-off can present significant delays. In this case, however, although the IT requirements were driven by middle management rather than from the very top, there was no issue in obtaining buy-in. As a greenfield IT site, there was no need to directly replace existing technology other than a SBS; the timescales had been laid down by the initial restructuring; and the business driver was clear: without the IT in place, the new business model would simply be unable to function.


Such a business-critical solution could not afford to fail. Every precaution had to be taken to maximise uptime, against a backdrop of numerous alterations to the specification, and this in turn led to continual refinement of the proposed solution over the course of the consultancy phase.


Just four months down the line, it is still early days for the restructured organisation. Despite its IT being a new implementation, rather than a direct replacement for an existing one, it has already started to reap the rewards. Since launch, it has experienced a number of real-life benefits, as well as seeing a number of doors opening for the future.

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