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First Capital Cashflow

Read how First Capital Cashflow are experiencing cloud with a silver lining using Managed Networks' DesktopLive+ service.


First Capital Cashflow Ltd (FCC) commenced trading in 2001 and quickly established a niche position as a provider of bespoke and dependable Bacs processing services incorporating Direct Debits and Direct Credits, Sales Invoice Collection Management and Card Processing solutions. Over the years FCC has developed proven solutions that have been refined and tailored to meet the challenges their clients face in the fast-moving and ever-changing payments landscape. Managed Networks has provided IT support throughout their growth, developing and extending their infrastructure to keep pace with their growing business needs.

Virtual server hosting by Managed Networks

FCC have been a customer of Managed Networks since 2007 and have benefitted from strategic ongoing IT support. To enable better flexibility, security, resilience and business continuity provision, FCC decided to move key SQL and Web based systems on to Managed Networks’ own hosting platform in London. This included their new, bespoke, mission critical business management application. The benefits were quickly realised and a move to migrate their entire infrastructure was planned for 2012.

DesktopLive+ from Managed Networks

FCC made the decision to switch to the DesktopLive+ (DTL+) solution from Managed Networks in July 2012, and were fully migrated onto the platform by mid September 2012. The DTL+ service provides FCC with a server-based environment that can be accessed from anywhere in the world with a broadband connection, allowing FCC to drive their business forward effectively from wherever they are, but without the upfront costs involved with purchasing their own hardware and software licensing. The Managed Networks DTL+ service includes rental of PCs, laptops, network, printers and broadband, which means FCC now don’t need to own anything and are able to scale their IT to match their business without painful capital costs and project lead times.

The DTL+ solution from Managed Networks offers a simple per user per month pricing model that provides FCC with predictability of costs allowing them to better manage cash flow and budget. The solution is completely protected, with the core desktop systems and servers being held in a state-of-the-art Data Centre, offering complete peace of mind with regard to security, backups and Business Continuity.

Customer comment

“The MN staff have gone out of their way these past couple of days to ensure the transition went as smooth as possible. They have kept their cool and worked through the issues. It is very much appreciated, and worth making the point known.” Jo Gibson, Operations Director

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