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City Docs

1. Background

City Docs is a world class legal support services company

2. Problem

City Docs and their sister company Trilantic were demerging and Trilantic ware moving out of the office, removing all their server kit and half of the desktop machines. There was also 1.8 terabytes of data to migrate, mostly .pdf’s and images. City Docs had an opportunity to redesign company’s network infrastructure from scratch and reinstall the cabling to Category 6 standards.

3. Solution

Managed Networks set up the Host servers and installed the requisite number of guests to run the proposed infrastructure, set up the SAN (Storage Area Network) so that a fully resilient system results. Managed Networks swapped out Macafee for GFI and Endpoint so that the network became fully protected against spam and Virus attack. Managed Networks reinstalled all the desktops from scratch and rejoined them individually to the new domain.

4. Benefit

Managed Networks build a fully resilient server network infrastructure for City Docs . After demerging from Triatlantic, City Docs continues to operate with a brand new domain and server infrastructure.

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