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Has the IT community failed?

At The Business Show recently at Olympia it was interesting to see that most of the delegates we spoke with had heard about the ‘cloud’. However, not many knew the first thing about it. If an established business owner can still ask “what is this whole cloud business about?” while pointing at the sky, that’s a pretty clear sign that we’ve not been very effective in our communication.

We’ve been making lots of noise about how exciting it is that everyone can move to the cloud without successfully explaining what the cloud actually is and why you might want to use it.

Utlimately the cloud is not actually that complicated. You still do the same things – write documents, send emails, store data – but you no longer have to own and operate the servers and software licenses that let you work. Instead someone else – a cloud service provider – runs many powerful servers in one or more datacentres; you connect to them over the internet and ‘rent’ just enough of their capacity for your needs, when you need it.

It means you don’t have to  pay for servers and software, nor invest time and money in maintaining them. You also benefit from the cloud provider’s scale to get better performance and better reliability than you could afford on your own.

Still, moving to the cloud might seem daunting to the less technology-savvy. If the first few sentences from a cloud provider  to a prospective customer are full of jargon and brand names like “VMware” and “virtualisation”, the customer may lose interest pretty quickly. This is about doing business more effectively and more reliably for less money; it’s about making technology someone else’s problem.

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