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Customer service or lip service?

Does calling the helpdesk make you want to call the Samaritans? Perhaps that’s because your provider doesn’t really understand customer service. We’re different. Here’s why:

Customer service is all about the ‘C’ words. No, not that one.


We talk a lot about outcomes at Managed Networks. This is because we’re focused not on the technology, but on what you do with it. Our service desk – and all our staff – understand that our job is to make sure you can do yours. So whether or not we have direct responsibility for an issue, we take charge and stay with it until it’s resolved.


Ever feel like talking to IT is like talking to the wall? Maybe you should talk to us instead. We know that when something takes time to resolve, nothing is more frustrating than not knowing what’s going on. So our service processes pay as much attention to communication as they do to resolution, so you can plan ahead.


English spoken here. Not gibberish, gobbledegook and jargon. We’ll tell you what’s going on, what’s needed and what we’re doing, clearly and simply, without hiding behind acronyms. You might also find it a relief that when we say “here”, we mean here – in the UK. Customer service is what we do, so we’ve kept it close to our heart, not outsourced it somewhere cheap and compromised.


Life might be like a box of chocolates, but with customer service you really do need to know what you’re going to get. If it works the same way every time, and everyone you speak to makes and keeps the same promises, you can rely on it. We spend a lot of time on training and process to make sure you can rely on us.


It also matters that we actually know what we’re doing. There’s more to this than technology skills. We have those in abundance, and lots of badges to prove it, but we also have deep knowledge of the business sectors we support. So we speak your jargon, even if we don’t make you speak ours.


It might sound old-fashioned, but a little politeness goes a long way. Sometimes service providers get so wrapped up in what they do that they forget what service means. We don’t forget. You’re the customer, you sign the cheques, you deserve respect.

So if you’ve had enough of chasing updates and repeating information while the person on the other end of the phone tries to pull the wool over your eyes, try something different. Call us on 020 7496 8000 and find out what we mean when we say we’re not a technology company, we’re a customer service business.